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Color Polyurethane Resin Depends on Your Needs

Do you know that hydrocarbon resin and petroleum resin indeed play an important role in our daily life? Today,we talk about petroleum resin,which is a synthetic polymer ,and is applied to make resins for plastic and rubber models.  If you have some plastic models which are made with petroleum resin,you can custom the color you want. Indeed,it is very intesting,and you can choose the color you really want. What you should do while color petroleum resin? As following:

You need to prepare newspaper,opaque resin tinting agent or transparent dye,paper cups,polyurethane resin mix,wooden craft sticks,latex or thick rubber gloves,small electronic kitchen scale,felt-tipped pen,plastic disposable pipette or droppe. Now,do your job!

Step one

Choose your work space . On your work space,you need to set a thick layer of newspapers down. Make sure that floor around it to protect newspaper from spills. Then on your work area ,you can place the electronic kitchen scale. Turn it on and place a paper cup on it. Hit the "Zero" button to zero it out, or calibrate the scale so you will not add the weight of the cup to the weight of the resin when you pour it into the cup.

Step two

Make label according to your needs. In order to keep track of the resins,you need to label one cup A and one cup B. Pour 1 oz. of the "A" and "B" parts of the resin mix into their marked paper cups. Add 1 drop of your tinting agent or transparent dye to the "B" resin with the dropper or pipette. Pour the "A" resin into the pigmented "B" resin and mix with the wooden stick to make a 2-ounce batch of resin. You need to wait two minutes for the resin to harden.

Step three

Pay close attention to hardened resin. You should know that many pigments are highly concentrated, so you won't need much to color your resin. Since there is no set rule or color chart to follow, you must eyeball it and color by hand. Transparent dyes will give a lighter and more delicate color, so remember as you determine how much pigment you need to add to your resin. Keep measuring out 1-oz. portions, adding a single drop more to the number of drops to each test batch until you achieve the color you want. Write on the cup the number of drops of pigment or dye you used,so that you can remember clearly.

Last step

Mix up the amount of polyurethane according to your needs. Depends on your requirements,you can weigh the mixed resin and add the number of drops of dyet. You need to decided the proper amount, multiply the number of drops by the number of ounces in the weight of the polyurethane.

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