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How to Pack and Store Hydrocarbon Resin

As an essential industrial materials, do you know how the hydrocarbon resin is packed and stored? The resins are contained by the plastic bags which are covered by woven bags. The weight of each pack would be 25 kg and according to the customers' requirements, other packing methods or qualifications are available. To transfer the resins, the car, trains and ships are both efficient. During the transportation, it is necessary to think about dampproof situation and the influence of the sunlight. It is not allowed to pack or transfer the resins with the alkaline or  oxidizing agent.

The hydrocarbon resin does not belong to the category of dangerous chemical. To retain its excellent properties, it should be stored in the cool, dry and ventilated areas. Generally speaking, the shelf time is limited in 1 year. The applications of the resins consist of tyre, rubber and paint industry. To a great extent, the development of light industry and agriculture is supported by the chemical enterprises. Thereby, there are a number of chemical companies in different scales. The adverse influence to the environment of these enterprises is obvious. Both the ingredients and the products used by majority of these companies are toxic and corrosive. Furthermore, some of the raw materials are inflammable or explosive.

During the production process of chemical products, some harmful gases would be emitted and the health of the workers would be damaged seriously. Thereby, for the chemical enterprises, they should not only pay attention to fire and explosion protection, but also avoiding the leak of dangerous gases and liquids. In summary, both the security of the workers and the environment should be insured.

The air quality detector is operating during the production process to monitor the content of harmful elements in the air. While the content rise too the dangerous level, the production process should be shut down and the ventilated system should be turned on. While inhaling too many harmful gases, the symptoms such as headache would occur. Nearly all of the chemical enterprises do not allow the existence of open fire. However, a little static electricity or burning butt and other inevitable issues would be the source of fire disaster. In order to insure the safety, the workers are not allowed when they pack hydrocarbon resin. While fire occurs, the enterprises should evacuate the workers immediately.