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Why Is the Price of Hydrocarbon Resin Rising

According to the record, the price of hydrocarbon resin is keeping rising. The high-end resins are quoted at 3500 dollars per ton. When it comes to the normal types, the price has rosed to the range between 2500 to 3000 dollars. While the previous price is no more than 2250 dollars. Of course, the price in different areas are different. For example, in South China, the price ranges from 17500 to 17800 yuan. In the middle of China, the price is between 16000 and 18000 yuan while in the northeast of China, the price is stable at 17000 yuan.

Now, due to the huge demand, there are a lot of customers who are asking for the price and the downstream customers have a strong willing to purchase the hydrocarbon resin. It is much easier to conclude a transaction than before. Now the new order has to be delayed since the supply could not come up with the demand. There are acute shortages of market supplies. The purchasing willing of the customers are strong.

As an alternative of the resin, the reduction of colophony promotes the demand for resin. Due to the influence of bad weather, the colophony is subjected to reduction. Consequently, the price is relatively expensive which forces the downstream manufacturers to alter their ingredients. In addition, due to the improvement of workmanship, the property of hydrocarbon resin has been similar with the natural resin. Million tons of colophony are replaced by the artificial resins and the demand has been expanded.

In addition, the price of the petroleum is rising as well. This promotes the rising price of hydrocarbon resin. The cost of the manufacturers is evidently improving. The resins made in China has been admitted by the world. Since 2006, the resins have been exported and the volume is gradually rising. Nowadays, the resins are mostly exported to the Asian countries, such like Japan, Korea and Thailand. More than half of resins are exported and this makes the supply in China seem to be short. And this is one of the main reasons to heighten the price. For more information about hydrocarbon market, please visit: http://www.shqilongchem.com/