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Three Basic Uses of Petroleum Resin

According to its uses, the petroleum resin could be basically separated into three types - the type used to make adhesives, the type used to make road marking paints and the type used to make tire rubber. Both of the three types are divided into different grades and properties. According to their characteristics, they are applied to different fields.

All types of hydrocarbon resins feature granular appearance. But the softening point, the color, the acid value and the viscosity are different. Petroleum resin plays an important role in anchoring agent industry. The C5 petroleum resin is considered as the essential additive of hot melt adhesive. They are compatible with series of chemicals including the natural rubber, natural adhesives and synthetic rubber. With the addition of the resins, the properties of these products could be enhanced. Resins used for adhesives are characterized by light color and light odors.

When the resins are used for road marking paint, the final products have the distinguished features including quick dry and resistance to smudge. The tenacity of the paint helps it to stay stable in different seasons. In addition, with the improved brightness, the marks would be more obvious to reduce the risk of traffic accidents. The waterproof ability makes it do not fade in rainy days.

When it comes to the resins used for rubber tires, they could enhance the elasticity. And during the production process, it could be used to distribute the filling materials. Apart from the mentioned applications, the resins are used in the production of the shoe soles, floorings, straps, press-sensitive adhesives and industrial belts.

Despite of the wide uses of petroleum resin, it is not well known by the public. But for number of industrial companies, it is the essential raw material. During the purchasing process, these companies would send their professionals to select the proper resin depending on demand. Now, the internet bring convenience to the trading procedure. It enables these enterprises to contact the suppliers easily and quickly. Without inspecting on site, they could receive samples from the manufacturers. The convenience promotes the circulation of petroleum resin across the globe. If you want to find the best manufacturer in China, please visit: http://www.shqilongchem.com/