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The Different Levels and Uses of Hydrocarbon Resin

The hydrocarbon resin is designed into different levels and the customers need to choose the suitable products according to their needs. Generally, the manufacturers would have classified their products according to their application areas. So for the customers, it is no difficult thing to choose the proper products as long as they are sure about their requirements. According to the application field, the products could be separated into five types: used for injection molding, used for extrusion, used for the production of printing ink, used for adhesive and the hot melting resin.

The injection molding resin features transparent rounded grain, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and excellent elasticity. According to their characteristics, it could be applied to the production of shoes, tires, clothes and various industrial components. Now, due to the huge demand, it could be used to create mobile phone cover. The excellent property and tensile strength ensure the quality of the products.

When it comes to the extrusion resins, they are characterized by anti-tear, high resistance to pressure and excellent transparency. According to their features, they are used to make transparent shoulder straps, thin film, elastic cord and industrial belt. The rest types are designed with the similar features. The excellent dispersing performance, nice adhesive force and elasticity enable the resins to be used to create printing ink, adhesive and hot melting adhesive. Of course, there are still some differences exist between them. For instance, the hot melting resin could dissolve in aromatic hydrocarbon solvent. In addition, it has relatively higher strength and waterproof ability. When it comes to the resins which could be used  to produce adhesive, they are small milky white granules and they could extremely enhance the performance of the adhesive.

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