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Where to Watch Walking Dead and What Could We Learn From It

Here is the most exciting news for the fans of Walking Dead - the Season 4 is coming soon. This teleplay is not only popular in America, but also in other countries including a lot of Asian countries, such as China and Japan. To be fair, the images of Walking Dead is not as wonderful as series of zombie movies. But the plot is beyond all expectations and the relationship between the people are complicated. Those people have to run from the chasing of the zombies. On the other hand, they have to protect themselves from the attack of the human beings.

When it comes to the way to killing the zombies, as all the shows do, the Walking Dead does not show too much new conception. The audiences would be bored of killing the zombies by guns of knives. On the contrary, there are a few short films which show the talent of the directors. I still remember that there is a scene about two zombies who are going to kill a girl. The girl has taken a plastic surgery and while the zombies are trying to eat her body, the breast implants are taken out. All the audience would laugh at that time. The implants made from rubbers consist of a lot of chemical additive, such as petroleum resin and so on.

Even though it is a tragedy, each one should know that the zombie movies are based on fancy imagination. And so it is no harm to add the jokes in the movies. Just like Shaun of the Dead, the famous zombie movie with a happy ending, it shows the hopeless feelings of the hero and at the same time, the interesting plots would keep the audience laughing. Now everyone is wondering how and where to watch Walking Dead season 4 as soon as possible. As a fans of this attractive teleplay, I want to see more improvement. And I believe that there must be some other fans who are expecting for the more interesting plots as well.

There is no doubt that the Walking Dead could gain the attention of the public. But the plot seems to be too serious. If the producer wants to attract the people with different ages, more interesting plots should be added. Unlike other popular teleplays such as The Vampire Diaries, there are not too many beautiful faces gathering in the Walking Dead. But it is still so popular that we could not ignore the importance of the plot.